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From Language Barrier to Leadership: Success Story of a Software Engineer

Meet Rohan, a software engineer with 5 years of experience in a renowned software company in India. Rohan had an excellent academic background and was an expert in various programming languages and software development skills. However, he faced significant challenges with spoken English, which hindered his growth in the company.

Rohan knew that his lack of proficiency in spoken English was holding him back from communicating effectively with clients and colleagues from around the world. Despite his technical skills and expertise, he was unable to interact with the international clients and failed to clear several interviews.

Determined to improve his communication skills, Rohan enrolled in the Spoken English and Interview Readiness Program offered by ExlCareer. He attended the program with utmost dedication and worked hard on improving his spoken English and interview skills.

The program helped Rohan in various aspects of communication, from developing his vocabulary to enhancing his grammar and sentence construction. He also learned interview techniques, such as how to answer the common interview questions and how to handle stress during interviews.

With his newly developed communication skills and increased confidence, Rohan got a job offer from a US-based software company with an India office. His communication skills impressed the company, and he was offered the position of heading the Indian team of engineers.

Today, Rohan is heading a team of skilled engineers and managing clients from different parts of the world. He acknowledges that ExlCareer's Spoken English and Interview Readiness Program played a significant role in his success and believes that this program is a game-changer for anyone struggling with communication skills

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