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Spoken English Program for Freshers & Job Seekers

ExlCareer's spoken English programme is designed to improve communication skills and professional setting readiness for students and job seekers.

The programme's main objective is to improve spoken English fluency through engaging sessions and useful exercises.

Participants will finish the programme with the knowledge and assurance necessary to ace interviews and advance in their careers.

New Batch - 1st and 15th of Every Month

Rated: 4.7/5, 247 Enrolled

Classes Starts On
5th & 20th of Every Month


6 weeks

Live Online Training Sessions


Online Lectures


Graduates / Post Graduates / Diploma Holders in any discipline, are preferred, no prior experience required.

Fee Payment Options


Common Problems that Job Seekers, Freshers and Working Professionals  Experience - 

  • Experience low confidence and self-esteem in their personal and professional life

  • Fail to grab global opportunities

  • Feel discouraged and demotivated in their job search journey

  • Fail to effectively communicate with colleagues and managers in a professional setting

  • Struggle to advance in their career due to limited communication skills

  • Encounter difficulty in interacting with clients or customers, leading to a negative impact on business or sales performance.

  • Miss out on job opportunities that require good communication skills

  • Struggle to build a professional network and make valuable connections

  • Struggle to negotiate for higher pay or promotions due to poor communication skills

  • Face difficulty in attending and presenting at conferences or industry events

Opportunities Job Seekers, Freshers and Working Professionals Miss Due to Lack of Spoken English

  • Employment opportunities in multinational corporations that require English communication skills

  • Internships or work placements at top-tier companies, which may have strict English proficiency requirements

  • Opportunities to study or work abroad, where English is the primary language

  • Networking opportunities at industry events and conferences that require English communication

  • Scholarships and grants that require strong interview skills and English proficiency

  • Career advancement opportunities that require effective communication with team members, clients, and stakeholders

  • Entrepreneurial opportunities that require clear communication with investors and customers

  • Research opportunities that require collaboration with international colleagues

Objectives of this Program - 

  • Develop a command over spoken English language to improve communication skills

  • Build confidence and reduce anxiety during interviews
  • To help students overcome their anxiety and nervousness 

  • To improve students', job seekers spoken English skills, so they can confidently express themselves in professional settings.

  • To provide students with strategies to effectively communicate their ideas and thoughts during an interview.

  • To enhance students' non-verbal communication skills such as body language, tone of voice, and facial expressions.

  • To equip students with the necessary skills and techniques to negotiate their salary during a job offer.

  • Improve body language and non-verbal communication during interviews

  • Provide real-life practice interviews and mock interviews with feedback

Training Modules -

  • Introduction to Spoken English and its importance in job interviews

  • Understanding basic English grammar and sentence construction

  • Building vocabulary and using appropriate words in different contexts

  • Speaking exercises to improve pronunciation, clarity, and fluency

  • Listening comprehension exercises to develop understanding of different accents and speech patterns

  • Developing non-verbal communication skills, such as body language and facial expressions

  • Feedback and personalized coaching to improve performance in each module

  • Ongoing support and guidance for continued improvement even after the program is completed.

  • With this Program, you will learn practical and easy-to-follow techniques to boost your English-speaking abilities and achieve fluency, helping you reach your professional goals.

Learning Outcomes

  • Improved communication skills and fluency in spoken English

  • Increased confidence and ability to express oneself in a professional setting

  • Better understanding of the interview process and techniques to succeed in job interviews

  • Enhanced job opportunities and higher chances of being selected for job roles

  • Increased opportunities for networking and building professional relationships

  • Greater adaptability in a global work environment, with increased ability to work with colleagues and clients from diverse linguistic backgrounds

  • Enhanced leadership and management skills

  • Increase personal growth and development through self-awareness and ongoing learning.

  • Increased ability to negotiate and persuade others in professional settings

  • Improved career growth prospects and opportunities for promotions

  • Overall personal growth and development, leading to greater success and satisfaction in life

  • And many more.

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