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Graphic Design Intern - Hiring, Opportunity, APPLY NOW!

Position Overview: We are seeking a dynamic and creative Graphic Designer Intern to join our team and play a pivotal role in the creation of visual content for our YouTube, instagram channels. The successful candidate will be responsible for transforming provided content into visually appealing images, videos, and audios, with expertise in platforms like Instagram Reels, YouTube videos, and YouTube Shorts.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Create Engaging Visual Content:

  • Design captivating images, graphics, and thumbnails to enhance the visual appeal of our YouTube, Instagram channel.

  • Develop dynamic videos and audios that effectively convey the provided content.

2. Content Adaptation:

  • Translate written content into compelling visual assets, ensuring alignment with our channel's messaging and branding.

3. Expertise in Video Formats:

  • Proficiently create content suitable for Instagram Reels, YouTube videos, and YouTube Shorts, optimizing for each platform's requirements.

4. Collaborative Ideation:

  • Brainstorm and collaborate with the content team to develop visually enticing concepts for each video.

5. Time Management and Meeting Deadlines:

  • Efficiently manage tasks to ensure timely delivery of visual content in line with the channel's content schedule.


  • Proficiency in graphic design software (e.g., Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, etc.).

  • Familiarity with video editing tools and software.

  • Understanding of social media platforms, particularly YouTube and Instagram.

  • Strong creative and conceptual thinking abilities.

  • Excellent communication and collaborative skills.

  • Must have own laptop, system, software licenses for material creation.


2 Months, Monday-Saturday, 10am - 6pm


  • Stipend for the duration of the internship.

  • Opportunity for a full-time position with ExlCareer upon successful completion of the internship.

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