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How Academic Institutions Could Enable Students for Today's Digital Careers

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

It is more critical than ever for higher education institutions to prepare their students for the digital jobs of the future in the fast-paced, constantly-changing job market of today. Many old jobs are becoming obsolete as a result of the development of automation and artificial intelligence, while new, tech-focused positions are growing in popularity. In order to ensure that their students have the information and skills necessary to flourish in the digital age, universities and colleges must alter their curriculum.

Exlcareer is aware of how crucial it is for students to be prepared for the digital jobs of the future. We therefore provide a variety of services aimed at assisting higher education institutions and their students in flourishing in the constantly shifting employment market. We can assist in the following ways, to name a few:

1. Career counselling and guidance: Students can receive individualised advice and support from our staff of seasoned career counsellors as they navigate the labour market. We can assist students in building the abilities and self-assurance they need to succeed, from resume writing and interview practise to networking and job search tactics.

2. Programs for upskilling students: With the rapid advancement of technology, it's critical for students to stay current with emerging techniques and equipment. Our reskilling and upskilling programmes are made to assist students in gaining new abilities and knowledge that will increase their employability. We provide a wide choice of programs to assist students remain on top of the latest trends, from

o Soft skills

o Spoken english

o Effective Communication Skills

o Complete Interview preparation

o Resume/CV importance – How to build a winning with Examples

o LSRW habit for English improvement Phone speaking improvement

o Business Email writing etiquettes and templates

o How to create LinkedIn profile and use the power of linkedin in job search

3. Assistance with internship and job placement: Our team can assist students in finding internships and jobs that fit their qualifications and interests. We collaborate with employers to comprehend their employment goals and specifications, and we pair them with students who possess the abilities and credentials they need. This assists students in gaining useful professional experience and developing beneficial contacts in their subject of study.

Higher education institutions may give their students the assistance, assets, and connections they require to flourish in the digital age by collaborating with Exlcareer.

Our team of skilled experts is committed to assisting students in advancing their careers and preparing them for the workforce. To find out more about how we may assist your institution in preparing students for the digital jobs of today, contact us right now.

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