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Power of Handholding & Support: How Exlcareer Supported Seema in Her Career Journey

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

As a recent graduate, Seema (22, from bihar) was excited to enter the job market and start her career.

But she quickly realized that the job search process was overwhelming and unfamiliar. She wasn't sure how to create a standout resume, craft a compelling cover letter, or prepare for job interviews.

Feeling frustrated and uncertain, Seema decided to seek out some help. That's when she discovered Exlcareer, a job focused career preparation startup that offered a range of services designed to help job seekers succeed in their career goals.

Seema decided to sign up for the startup's comprehensive job search program, which included soft skills coaching, focused more on communications and writing skills, helped her with mock interviews, hard skills development program and weekly career counseling. She was impressed by the personalized attention and support she received from the startup's team of career experts.

Through the program, Seema learned how to effectively communicate her value and skills to potential employers and gained the confidence and skills she needed to succeed in job interviews. She also received valuable guidance on how to navigate the job search process and build a fulfilling career.

By following the curriculum and services provided by experts of Exlcareer, Seema was able to land her dream job at a leading marketing agency.

She credits the startup with helping her overcome her job search challenges and achieve her career goals.

Seemas experience highlights the value of seeking out specialized support and guidance in the job search process. By working with a job based career preparation startup like Exlcareer, job seekers can gain the tools and support they need to succeed in their career goals.

Exlcareer provides individualized courses that include a good amount of interactivity among students through workshops or group projects. These are intended to help pupils communicate better and develop other soft skills. Click here to learn more about the different programs.

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